The Huette

An exclusive, elegant, high-end, creative setting in our imported ‘Erdinger Huette’

If you want to stand out, rent our ‘Erdinger Huette’ for your next event. Whether it’s a private party, corporate event, wedding, or any other occasion where you want to share something special with your friends, family or business partners

Modular and mobile, the ‘Erdinger Huette’ can be build up anywhere. With a size of 10×10 meters it fits approximately 100-150 people.


The Huette has a surface area of 33 x 33 ft

Flexible interior with a mix of standing tables or sit down arrangement, depending on your needs

Build up Bar serving the best of Bavarian brewing tradition on Tap in your all so familiar big Stein’s

Waterproof, isolated with A/C