Franz Festl – a true Bavarian at heart, believes in carrying his lively and hospitable Bavarian soul with him, wherever he goes.

Born in quaint and picturesque Forstern, on the outskirts of Munich, through his growing up years, Franz was not just surrounded by picture-book sceneries under the Bavarian skies, but what was also inculcated in him was the true Bavarian culture. A culture filled with warm love, enthusiasm and cozy hospitality that welcomes one and all. So, while staying rooted to his Bavarian soul, at a very young age his curiosity and keenness to travel the world took over.

After 20 years of working with DHL, across continents, travelling the world over (71 countries to be precise) and being a proud ambassador of the Bavarian culture wherever he went (China, India and the US), Franz decided that it was time he put his entrepreneurial side forward.

So, he followed his passion and made his dream of ‘bringing a bit of Bavaria to the world’ a reality, and that’s what gave birth to “Bavarian Soul”!! And what better place to start with than good old India (where Franz landed in 2007 and it was love at first sight!).

In 2017, Franz started BAVARIAN SOUL – an event company that solely focusses on organising German events, anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Currently with the ERDINGER HUETTN, which is a pop-up event space famous at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavarian Soul is a celebration of culture and a connecting point for people over some good ol’ Bavarian beer.

After all, there’s nothing that Franz loves more than everyone experiencing the true Bavarian joie de vivre, at least once!