BAVARIAN SOUL HOSPITALITY is an India based event company, specialising in German/Bavarian Events using the first ever ERDINGER HUETTE in India as a mobile, pop-up event space.

With the ERDINGER HUETTE we are bringing Bavaria right to your doorstep. Enjoy a chilled Erdinger Beer (the world’s most famous wheat beer) with friends in an authentic setting.

Bavarian Soul is focused on introducing the Bavarian culture in India. Bavarians are known for their love of beer and the ‘Bayrische Gemuehtlichkeit’, which is essentially a way of life and could be literally translated as Bavaria = Bayern (state in Germany) / Bayrisch Gemuehtlichkeit = Comfort.

The ‘Soul’ part in Bavarian Soul essentially represents the Gemuehtlichkeit/Comfort part. In Bavaria we like to sit at communal tables in Brauhauses (Breweries), or the famously known Biergarten (Beergarden), have a beer with a bunch of strangers at the table and it’s all one big family.

We don’t like to be rushed, that’s why the ‘Soul’ or ‘Gemuehtlichkeit’ is an important part and a way of life in the Bavarian culture.

The events that Bavarian Soul Hospitality will do, are all around a ‘Gemuehtlich’ sitting together and enjoying a few beers with other people. Along with the beer obviously comes the famous German sausages as well.